Cloud and DevOps

See how a SaaS company made a move to the cloud and reduced their hosting budget

A SaaS (Software as a Service) company knew they were on the verge of some dramatic growth in their business and would need to scale up quickly. They hosted their applications with a local data center, most of their applications were Windows Services, they also had a website with a blog, and a very large database. This large database was a hindrance to scaling and it also was a hurdle to scaling their applications.

The ideal solution for the SaaS company was to migrate to the cloud. After understanding their application, we began to move parts of their application to Microsoft Azure, connecting the data center and the cloud with a VPN solution. We then converted the Windows Services to Microsoft Azure Web Jobs and the website to a Microsoft Azure App Service. We then built a Microsoft Azure SQL instance and started building dedicated databases for the different applications instead of one giant data warehouse. We then started feeding the old data warehouse in the data center with the information being generated through the cloud applications. This allowed legacy systems to stay online, and we could migrate one system at a time. Eventually, we were able to get the entire system migrated to the cloud and by purchasing reserved cloud instances through Microsoft Azure, we reduced their overall hosting budget by 20%.

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