Integrations and Customizations

Reduce double entry, duplicate data, and data errors

Your business uses several different software systems. These systems often exist in their own silo. We call these disparate systems. You might utilize software that is older or perhaps it was custom software that just works well enough to get the job done. You probably have another from a vendor that doesn't offer any customizations, has no APIs to integrate with and provides no technical documentation on how to extract your data contained within their database structure. Maybe you let licenses lapse on another mission critical product? What about the software you adopted because it was the latest and greatest, only to go out of business or be replaced by another version right after you invested all of that money?

These are all common scenarios, and we are here to alleviate your worries. We integrate disparate systems using techniques such as Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), micro-services, server-less computing, and Extract Transform Load (ETL) among others. We know that no system is perfect, and we can customize existing systems to match your business processes today and not necessarily the processes you had when installed the software in the first place.

We are ready to get started, are you?

Still not convinced, checkout a Integrations and Customizations case study.