Software Development

See how custom software development helped one company balance developing their core product and rapid prototyping

A SaaS (Software as a Service) company wanted to prototype a new product without taking their existing software development teams away from their core product. This new product was a software program for analyzing webpages, reporting back information contained on the pages, and statistics about what was discovered on the pages. The product needed to be built in a short amount of time, and in small iterations, achieving small goals to prove the concept before a competitor came out with the same product. If a competitor came out with the product, then the project would be over, and if at any point along the way the project didn't accomplish what was necessary to move onto the next goal, the project would be finished. This allowed the startup company to stay focused on their core business, and contain costs for prototyping.

With our Software Development service, this was a perfect challenge for our team. We were able to create the product in iterations, so the concept could be proven at each milestone. After working through milestones over the course of six months, we were near the end of the project. Right before reaching the final milestone, we were informed the project was finished as the startup company sold the software to a competitor and partnered with them on the service being added to both of their core products.

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