Virtual CIO / Virtual CTO

See how one retailer benefited from strategic technical leadership

After 10 years in business, a local retailer knew they were investing in technology, but felt like they were spinning their wheels and not getting the automation for the money they were spending on IT. This retailer had one software developer on staff that worked on their ecommerce website, one that worked on their point of sale software, and had a contract with a local hardware and network support company for their printer, office computers, and server loaded with their accounting software and point of sale software databases. This retailer had desires to integrate their accounting software, ecommerce website, and their point of sale software to reduce duplicate data entry and make their staff more productive.

The retailer was already spending $150,000 per year on IT salaries, $20,000 per year on hardware and network services, and another $25,000 per year on data, hosting, phones, and software licenses. They were looking to at least double their IT salaries by bringing in full-time IT leadership.

With our Virtual CIO / Virtual CTO service, we were able to organize their software development efforts finding more time for their in-house developers, and secure new contracts for the rest of their IT budget. These two things paid for our service without increasing their costs, and they were able to accomplish their goal of integrating their accounting software, ecommerce website, and their point of sale software.

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