Virtual CIO / Virtual CTO

Strategic leadership can make all the difference

You might be wondering what a Virtual CIO or Virtual CTO (or vCIO) is and why you could need one. First, the titles are very similar. The CIO is the Chief Information Officer, and the CTO is the Chief Technology Officer. The two titles carry very similar job responsibilities and are often interchangeable. The CIO is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic vision for information technology across the organization. Any and all businesses that utilize technology in some way can benefit from this expertise. Not all businesses can justify the cost of a full-time CIO.

Our Virtual CIO and CTO services (also known as fractional CIO/CTO service) provides a part-time resource for small to medium-sized businesses. We provide the necessary IT Leadership to set a strategic vision with your existing leadership and execute on that strategy without the financial burden of carrying a full-time employee.

Why Choose a Virtual CIO

Fractional CIO

Our Virtual CIO/CTO service covers every IT related aspect of an organization:

  • IT Budget
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Information Security
  • Physical Security
  • Software Selection and Development Shop Standards
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • QA and Testing Strategy
  • Hardware and Network Purchases
  • Internet and Data Contracts
  • Phone Systems, VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Hosting Contracts
  • Investment in New Technologies
  • Organizational Technology Evangelism

Our Virtual CIO professionals are experienced, with decades of technical experience, and experience in executive IT leadership. This service applies to any business utilizing technology in some capacity no matter how large or small. Utilizing our Virtual CIOs, your business can reduce IT related expenses, safeguard against catastrophic failure, and improve the performance of the technology you utilize in your business setting.