Integrations and Customizations

See how a retailer saved money adding to an existing integration

A mid-size retailer had been on the same accounting software for nearly 20 years. Licensing costs were extremely high, and they were looking at migrating to a cloud-based accounting platform that is much more affordable within the next calendar year. In the interim, they knew they needed to work on adding a new product line to their existing accounting integration. When they approached their vendor about this issue, the vendor wanted them to pay $20,000 to upgrade their software license before they would even start on the project. Once the upgrade was complete, they would accomplish the integration for a minimum of $3,000, but to understand that the existing integration might need to change to support the new version of the software, and that would be additional development expense.

With our Integrations and Customization service, we were able to identify how the existing integration worked, and modify the existing integration to add the new product line without upgrading their licensing or having additional unwanted expenses for a system they are eliminating in the next year. We saved them at minimum $20,000 that they were able to use towards building a new integration with a new cloud based accounting platform in the future.

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