5 Ways Big Data & Big Analytics Can Bring Big Results

Big data and big analytics are common buzzwords in multiple fields including sports, governance, banking, investments and more. For more than 7 decades now, companies have known that data can be a source of great insight and competitive advantage. During the early years of using computers, businesses would look at numbers in spreadsheets manually and […]

5 Things to Look for in a Software Solutions Partner

If you conduct a search for ‘software vendor’ on Google, you will be bombarded by tens if not hundreds of different companies seeking to become your development partner. All of them promise to build your custom software on time, on budget and offer technical support. However, there is little you can garner about what the […]

Understanding How Service Oriented Architecture Improves Your Systems

Organizations seeking agility in their IT systems implement a service-oriented architecture. Compared to a few decades ago, systems have become more complex, and scalability is a big issue when implementing new IT infrastructure. The speed of development of release also needs to be faster than ever before. All these are reasons why service-oriented architecture has […]