8 Problems You Didn’t Know Process Automation Could Solve

The holy grail of automation is replicating human intelligence and action. To create systems that can act on their own with minimal human intervention. Robotic process automation is a part of the greater sphere of business process automation. Robotic process automation represents an option for businesses to automate both simple and complex processes. RBA can […]

8 Things You Can Improve Immediately with the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

According to Allied Market Research, the value of the global artificial intelligence market will surpass $169 billion by 2025. By then, the effects of machine learning and AI technology will be felt in virtually all industries. Businesses have invested heavily in research to unlock the possibilities presented by AI and Machine Learning. Not all projects […]

Investing in the Right DevOps for Your Business

DevOps today can be explained as an approach to software delivery in an organization that improves the quality of applications while reducing the costs and time-to-market. DevOps brings together IT operations and software development, which in the past, were fragmented departments. By working together, they can deliver improvements continuously with short iterations. DevOps also involves […]