What Does Process Automation Look Like in 2022?

The global Business Process Automation market size is estimated to be worth around $20 billion by 2026. This will be a 12% CAGR from its 2020 size, an indication that businesses are quickly implementing automation solutions in their workflows. Over 40% of businesses today have applied at least one form of Business Process Automation. According […]

7 Productivity Tools Your Employees Needs Right Now

The speed of business is fast. Customers expect businesses to continually improve their efficiency. There is pressure on employees to deliver work quickly and without error. Fortunately, there are numerous automation tools available, aimed at improving productivity metrics. These productivity tools can be installed on PCs and mobile devices. Some minimize distractions, automate tasks, or […]

What to Look for When Considering a Virtual CIO or CTO

A CIO bridges the gap between a business’s goals and the technology required to get there. Businesses today are heavily reliant on technology in virtually all areas- communication, accounting, analytics, procurement management. A virtual CIO helps a business take full advantage of the technologies available for the business to operate optimally. They do this at […]