7 Things the Best Software Development Teams Are Doing in 2021

Considering how far software development has come the last decade, it is going to be really exciting to see what the next few years hold for the industry. The best software teams understand the need to learn the latest developments in the industry because consumer preferences are also changing faster than before. The demand for […]

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration Process

There are many businesses that intend to move their data to the cloud but do not know where to begin. Cloud migration is extremely important when a business intends to scale its businesses. It also provides safer storage for data while reducing IT costs. However, highlighting the benefits downplays the challenges involved in cloud migration. […]

7 Reasons to Love An Employees & Customers Portal

A portal is best described as a safe personalized website that enables a business to connect with users, whether employees, customers, or even suppliers. A portal allows a business to solve user needs better through easier and faster access to what the user is most likely to be searching for. There are many benefits that […]

7 Signs Your Software System Is Outdated (And What to Do Next)

Investing in software system upgrade is often a complex and time-consuming process. However, the cost of failing to modernize can be more painful. It could lead to losing out completely to competitors and exiting the market. Business today moves faster than any time in history. As such, companies seeking an edge must invest in streamlining […]

How to Tell if Your Existing System Needs an Upgrade or Replaced Altogether

Systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are at the heart of business operations such as logistics, purchasing, sales, and marketing. They enable businesses to collect data for intelligent decision-making. However, like all software, a system can be outgrown either due to business scaling or gaps emerging in its functionality. When this happens, businesses must […]