Finding the Right Automation Partner: A Checklist

9 in every 10 businesses in America today use at least one automation tool to improve a process. Business leaders today appreciate the value that automation is capable of driving. However, achieving hyper-automation requires the deployment of dozens of bots to work together to improve efficiency throughout the businesses. Most businesses struggle with hyper-automation. In […]

7 Tips for Making the Workflow Automation Transition a Smooth One

Businesses begin business automation projects to improve their workflow. In the long run, they always aim for tangible gains such as improvement of employee satisfaction by being engaged in more meaningful work compared to before. Other gains would include savings on labour costs, improved accuracy, and standardization of operations, as well as faster workflows. Before […]

Automation in Business: What’s all the Buzz About?

Automation in business is the continuous attempt by organizations to use technology to better their personnel and processes. Automation helps achieve a myriad of things, including standardization of workflow, time savings, cost reduction, collection of data, and better customer service. Where a business automates most of its processes, that is business process automation. In other […]

6 Tips for Developing the Technology Training Your Teams Need in 2022

Chief Information Officers and other senior executives are busy racking their heads making plans for 2022. One key decision area in tech-heavy companies is technology training. Companies must set technology training priorities that influence the budgetary allocation. There is always a long list of areas where technology training is necessary, but due to resource constraints, […]

What to Look for When Considering a Virtual CIO or CTO

A CIO bridges the gap between a business’s goals and the technology required to get there. Businesses today are heavily reliant on technology in virtually all areas- communication, accounting, analytics, procurement management. A virtual CIO helps a business take full advantage of the technologies available for the business to operate optimally. They do this at […]

6 Direct Benefits of Incorporating Technology Training

Each year, companies seek new ways to improve the speed and efficiency of their workflow. They also seek to improve the quality of their products while maintaining costs at acceptable levels. One way to ensure continuous improvement is through technology training for staff members. Technology training equips employees with skills for their current jobs while […]