Six Signs You’re Ready to Partner with a Virtual CIO

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (virtual CIO) is not supposed to replace your existing IT staff. Instead, they are an experienced specialist meant to provide leadership and insight in your IT department. Companies today can engage the services of firms that specialize in fractional or shared CIO services and are therefore in touch with key […]

Get Your Head (And Your Data) in the Clouds: Why Cloud Solutions Continue to Be the Best Solutions

Cloud-based solutions is a broad term to refer to computing services accessed through the internet.  Individuals and businesses alike get to use infrastructure belonging to a cloud provider instead of owning such infrastructure locally. Cloud computing has evolved rapidly from simply being a storage solution to a way of providing computing-power, network-services, and applications to […]

The Science Behind Business: What Data Science & Analytics Can Prove

Managers often struggle to visualize the relationship between data science, analytics, and their business’s bottom line. However, data scientists will argue that there limitless ways to leverage analytics in business. The US spends the equivalent of 18% of its GDP on healthcare. If the US can find a way to increase efficiency and save 1% of […]

4 Ways You Could Leverage Your Data Analytics (But Aren’t)

We are living in a post-digital era. With billions of devices connected to the internet, humans have created so much data. Its value is estimated in trillions of dollars. Data science is now a multidisciplinary field, with data analytics being one of the arteries. The vast amounts of historical data have helped premier fields such […]

Rise Of Machine Learning

From the time I was born, I have been fascinated by the ideas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I didn’t know it at the time, but the movie Star Wars (later titled A New Hope) was impacting me profoundly when it first introduced me to machines that can think. For my childhood mind, the […]

Data Science Is Not Magic

Throughout my career, there have been countless times my Data Science work has been referred to as magic. I have even had colleagues that refer to parts of their own Data Science projects as magic. I am always quick to try and correct this behavior, because as Data Science professionals, we don’t work in a […]