7 Best Business Automation Tools

There are hundreds of enterprise business automation software and they have gained traction for a good reason. They enable employees to save time, get reminded of important tasks and organize their workflow better. Whether its customer support, finance, HR or the IT department, there are tasks to be automated. Abstracting away repetitive tasks allows staff […]

7 Productivity Tools Your Employees Needs Right Now

The speed of business is fast. Customers expect businesses to continually improve their efficiency. There is pressure on employees to deliver work quickly and without error. Fortunately, there are numerous automation tools available, aimed at improving productivity metrics. These productivity tools can be installed on PCs and mobile devices. Some minimize distractions, automate tasks, or […]

How to Setup Azure MySQL In App

Microsoft Azure has added a neat feature to App Services called MySQL In App. This feature allows you to host a MySQL instance inside of the resources of your App Service Plan you are already paying for. This is a great feature for setting up a blog or having a small database handy local to […]