6 Direct Benefits of Incorporating Technology Training

Each year, companies seek new ways to improve the speed and efficiency of their workflow. They also seek to improve the quality of their products while maintaining costs at acceptable levels. One way to ensure continuous improvement is through technology training for staff members. Technology training equips employees with skills for their current jobs while […]

8 Myths About DevOps Development Strategies, Debunked

According to Amazon Web Services, DevOpp is a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools employed by an organization to significantly improve the ability to deliver applications and services quickly. Such organizations can serve customers better. In DevOps model, the development and operations teams work together throughout the lifecycle of an application. The cooperation starts […]

How AI and Machine Learning Strategies Are Changing Customers Engagement

AI and machine learning will be some of the most important technologies of this decade due to the wide context of their use currently. AI has become an essential tool for sales and marketing due to the level of personalization they provide in customer engagement. According to Salesforce, 51% of brands rely on some form […]