Ensuring Compliance in a DevOps Model: 4 Things to Consider

Just like in other industries, software developers face compliance requirements that they must adhere to. Organizations today need to prove their security stature to customers, business partners, shareholders, government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders. Compliance regulations can be part of internal policy, industry best practices, or actual statutes. In the past compliance requirements were put […]

Technical Debt: What It Means for Your Software Development Projects

Technical debt (TD) is the cost of additional work that arises because of prioritizing the speed of delivery of a piece of functionality in a system or project over accuracy. In many cases, shipping speedily results in the functionality requiring to be refactored later. Tackling technical debt in an organization’s system architecture is important because problems […]

Finding the Right Automation Partner: A Checklist

9 in every 10 businesses in America today use at least one automation tool to improve a process. Business leaders today appreciate the value that automation is capable of driving. However, achieving hyper-automation requires the deployment of dozens of bots to work together to improve efficiency throughout the businesses. Most businesses struggle with hyper-automation. In […]

Test-driven Development: Avoiding Implementation Mistakes

Test driven development is a fairly recent approach to software development that’s being adopted to reduce the cost of reworking code. TTD involves putting testing at the forefront of any software development project. Software developers determine what code should do and develop tests to ensure the same. Therefore, before any code is written, there are […]

Robotic Process Automation In the Financial Services Sector: Practical Applications

According to recent research by Gartner, human error in a financial institution can cost up to 25000 hours in reworks. This translates to more than $850,000 which when extrapolated to the entire sector means billions of dollars every year. It is no surprise, therefore, that the financial sector is keen to adopt robotic process automation […]

Human Side of Ai: Why You Need to Align Your Workforce With Your AI

The adoption of artificial intelligence in businesses is still at an infancy stage although it is growing notably fast. In 2020, Gartner reported that in that there are companies where AI-related products account for more than 20% of earnings before interest and tax. Still, less than 20% of all companies worldwide can claim to have […]

Intelligent Document Processing. What is It and How to Get Started

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) brings several technologies together to help businesses to be able to transform unstructured data into a form that is usable. 8 in every 10 businesses have data in an unstructured format such as emails, hand-written documents, PDFs, and other document formats. Being able to automatically transform that data into a usable […]