8 Problems You Didn’t Know Process Automation Could Solve

The holy grail of automation is replicating human intelligence and action. To create systems that can act on their own with minimal human intervention. Robotic process automation is a part of the greater sphere of business process automation.

Robotic process automation represents an option for businesses to automate both simple and complex processes. RBA can help reduce workforce headcount and manage costs in a business that’s scaling rapidly. Through bots that can follow logical instructions, businesses automate certain processes and thus free up staff to engage in higher-level tasks. When thousands of these bots are deployed in an organization, it can represent such complex automation that the cost savings are enormous.

Certain industries such as finance and healthcare have pioneered the adoption and deployment of robotics to capture, and process transactions. Bots can also trigger communication between systems. They also do not require a high level of integration with existing systems and can be deployed without too much disruption to existing processes and systems. If you are wondering what robotic process automation could achieve for your business, here are X things you can possibly solve.

1. Sending Accurate Quotations to Customers

What if you could send accurate quotations to customers based on your engagement with them on chat or email? Well, there are RBA solutions for that could help eliminate human errors when sending clients quotations, invoices, and other correspondence.

The robotics solutions take advantage of natural language processing technology (NLP) and computer vision to extract information from emails and manually filled forms. This speeds up the process of serving customers while also reducing manual labor needs. Quick and accurate communication also improves the chances of converting leads into sales.

2. Customer Onboarding using Robotic Process Automation

When a consumer is interested in your product, it’s crucial to make their sign-up and onboarding process as pain-free as possible. Signing up for services such as a bank account can be painful when you have to visit the bank, fill out multiple forms, and wait for everything to check out before you can start using the account.

Using this approach, it may take at least 2 weeks to get loan approvals. However, with RBA, the sign-up process takes minutes. Bots can pick out your credit information from credit bureau databases and your loan approval can happen on the same day.

Quick onboarding of customers increases revenue by making your products quickly available.

3. Regular Report Preparations and Submissions

Suppose you have team members who need to send a weekly status report on an ongoing project. Preparing the report might not need any intellectual input but extracting figures, collating, and sending. You could create a bot that collects the information, inputs it in a template, and forwards it to the relevant recipient. This might save your team members 30 minutes every week, which can easily add up to hundreds of labor hours each month.

4. Updating you CRM records

Having the most recent and accurate information regarding your clients is important. However, the process of continually updating records is time-consuming. There now exists solutions that integrate all your communication channels with your CRM software. When you deploy these integration solutions, you can then write simple software to update customer records. You will do this using the most recent contact data you gather.

Updating customer contacts is important when the business wants to keep customers for the long haul by interesting them in new products or encouraging subscription renewals.

5. Robotic Process Automation Can Improve your Tech Support

If your business serves its customers through a mobile app or website, chances are that you have a call center to handle any tech issues customers experience. Your call center staff are trained to diagnose and prescribe fixes. However, they may become overwhelmed and demotivated if an issue affects too many people or keeps cropping up repeatedly.

One way to prevent this is to deploy a diagnostics solution to detect and apply fixes before users notice them. This prevents the possibility of a catastrophic failure that affects many customers at once. The bot performs crawls for bugs at regular intervals, which improves customer satisfaction by creating a smooth user experience.

6. Automating Software Testing

Manual software testing is time-consuming, especially when many tests need to run at each stage of development or when a new feature launches. Manual testing also increases the chances of introducing new bugs into the code. Instead of manual testing, it’s possible to create a bot that can imitate human action. This makes it possible to run numerous tests within a short time, collect results, and generate reports. It quickens the software development and improvement process.

7. Talent Recruitment

Suppose you are running a recruitment agency that needs to fill numerous positions within a short time. It’s possible to create bots that can crawl and find talent pools. Using platforms such as LinkedIn, you can create RPA solutions that compare candidate profiles and decide on those to invite to apply or interview for a particular position. Such an approach is likely to cut costs while making the process more objective.

It is also possible to create a solution that crawls LinkedIn or Glassdoor to find open jobs that fit certain criteria. This can help people who are looking for specific opportunities for which to apply.

8. Getting Started with Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation solutions can be deployed in virtually all areas of your organization and help realize major efficiency improvements. Automating your employee’s payroll and supplier invoice processing are some of the more common applications. However, the possibilities are endless depending on how far the organization wants to take automation. Combining hundreds and or thousands of bots can help automate huge parts of a manufacturing or tech enterprise.

If your organization would like to implement robotic process automation, reach out to Transcendent Software. We will assess your workflow and identify easy RPA opportunities. Once we deploy these, we will move on to more complex solutions.