5 Technologies Transcendent Software Uses to Help Businesses Grow

Digital transformation is a vital cog for any business aiming at growth, whether in the short term or long term. Technology helps to automate processes, handle big amounts of data, manage staff, and even aid in important managerial decisions. Transcendent Software has been providing IT solutions to help businesses operate in the most efficient ways possible. Towards this end, Transcendent Software offers multiple technology solutions depending on client needs. Here are six trending technologies that will help businesses grow in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer just buzz words in the business technology realm. They are applicable solutions to real business problems. Transcendent is involved in identifying application opportunities for these technologies in clients’ businesses.

For instance, AI and machine learning can be used to build client service software that can understand human language. This has been used to improve self-service on business websites. It reduces reliance on human resources, helps customers find information they need faster, while ensuring round the clock consistent attendance to client needs.

For businesses that are rapidly growing, there is a need to use resources wisely and efficiently. Businesses involved in field assignments need to split their teams in the most efficient manner possible. They need to keep customers satisfied. They also need to check costs so that they do not grow disproportionately to revenues. It’s a tough balancing act that can be resolved using AI algorithms. AI and Machine Learning can add $2 trillion in value (business intelligence) to the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Big Data Technologies

Big Data is a term that refers to vast collections of data arising from business processes. This data is often so large and is growing at exponential rates that it becomes impossible to analyze traditional data analysis tools and techniques.

Businesses aiming for growth should be able to leverage data arising from transactions and interactions with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders to make accurate business decisions. Handling big data will involve selecting the correct type of database, designing it correctly to suit business functions, and having a fit method for acquisition and data recovery.

Handling big data also requires that a programming language such as R for statistical computing and visualization of data. Transcendent Software helps businesses navigate these technical hurdles. Most non-technical business leader will often be unaware of opportunities for data collection and analysis in their workflow. They will mostly also need assistance with designing data storage and security solutions to comply with Information Security related regulations in their jurisdictions.

Cloud Operations Management

Cloud Operations (CloudOps) involves the management, delivery, and use of software in an optimized cloud environment. Users have limited visibility in the underlying infrastructure due to high levels of abstraction. CloudOps borrows important principles from DevOps whereby roles such as security, compliance, software development, and architecture are managed using best practices and optimized procedures.

Businesses targeting growth can benefit immensely from CloudOps. First, the business will be using cloud infrastructure maintained by a third party which is cost-effective as there are no acquisition costs. The cloud capacity is expandable at any moment in time depending on user needs. The cloud infrastructure provider takes care of security issues. In fact, providers spend most of their time and resources attempting to improve security.

Transcendent Software helps client companies with cloud migration strategies. Cloud migration can be a long process, often running into months. There are issues to look out for including data breaches, loss of data, integration problems, budget overruns, and more.

Software Development Technologies

Transcendent Software helps build software solutions for businesses. These range from content management systems such as WordPress and Wix websites to mobile apps. The most important thing is often understanding what a client needs and then deciding on the best tools to go about building the solution. Transcendent helps build customized software for a richer and more powerful user experience. They also help clients with integration of such custom software with the existing workflow.

One of the major pain points in software building projects is the lack of clear expectations at the beginning of a project. In most cases, the objectives tend to change halfway into the project. Transcendent Software helps by enabling clients to define the scope of the project after thorough requirements gathering exercises. Part of the requirements gathering is researching end-user needs that informs the building of UX designs. With companies investing so much into building great UX designs, poor designs almost guarantee failure no matter the functionality of an app or website.

Process Automation Technologies

Transcendent builds and helps clients adopt technologies that automate repetitive tasks in their workflows.

One such technology is Robotic Process Automation. This involves looking for opportunities in software that can be automated to eliminate the need for human automation. Robotic Process Automation does not involve physical robots but rather it is a piece of code that does repetitive tasks that would be otherwise tiresome and boring to employees.

An example would be converting hundreds, or thousands of documents from one format to another and then filing them to a particular folder. A piece of code can do this accurately and much faster than a human could. Robotic Process Automation, therefore, adds to human resource satisfaction by assigning people to take care of more intellectually satisfying and productive tasks. It increases return on investment in human resources as well as other capital investments through increased overall productivity.


Businesses today are presented with virtually unlimited technology solutions that promise better efficiency. Sifting through all those solutions can often be confusing for business leaders owing to the speed at which technology is evolving today. Transcendent Software helps businesses make the best technology solutions for their workflow.

The solutions exist to support and accelerate growth. This includes things such as building robust software, leveraging the benefits of CloudOps, proper customizations and integrations, and process automation. Transcendent Software also helps businesses grow, scale, and navigate challenges that could arise during processes such as cloud migration, software development, and integrations.