Get Your Head (And Your Data) in the Clouds: Why Cloud Solutions Continue to Be the Best Solutions

Cloud-based solutions is a broad term to refer to computing services accessed through the internet.  Individuals and businesses alike get to use infrastructure belonging to a cloud provider instead of owning such infrastructure locally.

Cloud computing has evolved rapidly from simply being a storage solution to a way of providing computing-power, network-services, and applications to on demand-users. With it, comes flexibility, security, scalability, efficiency, and productivity for the business. 

Today, 81% of companies globally use at least one cloud-based service. By 2022, the figure will be over 90%. The cloud computing market will generate more than $270 billion in revenues.

In greater detail, let us explore why you need to get your data and operations running from the cloud. 

Cost Savings from Cloud Solutions

Business leaders sometimes have concerns about the initial cost of shifting a large chunk of their business operations to a cloud server. However, this may be the wrong approach to gauging the cost-efficiency of cloud solutions.

Cloud computing eliminates capital expenditure that normally comes with local solutions. Businesses no longer need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade their computer hardware every few years. There is less need for IT staff hired to ensure that hardware runs smoothly primarily.

Besides the hardware, businesses in the past had to purchase or lease, download and install every piece of software they needed. This was an expensive undertaking because newer and better versions would be released after a few years. 

Most cloud services use a pay-as-you-go model, meaning businesses only spend on what they need. There are hardly any commitments or long-term contracts to sign. This makes services available to businesses with all budget sizes.

Other marginal savings come using from less energy at the office. There are also far fewer downtimes for cloud servers compared to local-hosting solutions. Keeping business operations up and running for the maximum time possible helps maximise revenue.

Security Benefits of Cloud Solutions

The security of information is an understandably big concern for businesses looking to shift to cloud-based solutions. However, there is evidence to show that cloud solutions provide more security than traditional local solutions.

A lot of data breaches happen internally due to rogue employees. This is a far smaller threat with cloud-based solutions where it’s easier to have multi-level access granted to employees based on seniority and job descriptions.

When it comes to external threats, cloud solutions providers are constantly improving the robustness of their services. They are constantly facing threats and therefore have an army of engineers keeping vigil to thwart any attempts to breach their security walls. As a result, more than half of businesses prefer to store their most sensitive information offsite.

It’s also easier to comply with information security laws when you go for a reputable cloud services provider. Building a foolproof internal solution would be unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming.

Cloud Solutions Improve Productivity and Flexibility

Every business wants to commit resources to activities with the greatest return on investment. Why then commit IT man-hours to services that you can abstract? 

Cloud solutions provide non-core business solutions that leave you to concentrate on the most important areas of the business.

In addition, cloud computing allows businesses to scale rapidly when they need to. For instance, if there is a sudden surge in demand for the services of a company, or website traffic is expected to grow, the business can allocate more computing power to support the new needs. 

Bring-your-own-device is a popular new concept in many companies. Employees are free to use their preferred devices. They can work on their laptops, phones, or notebooks because the computing power is accessible remotely. 

Integration of Analytics in Business Operations

Businesses today have the unique ability to collect millions of data points when interacting with customers. With this ability, it is possible to get insights into growing revenue, serving customers better, and developing new products.

Club-based solutions now come with analytics integration as a standard feature. That way, as more transactions take place, the business gets a clearer picture of who it’s customers really are and how to serve them better. 

It’s possible to find out whether business decisions are having the right impact. It becomes easier to track inefficiencies and eliminate them. 

Team Collaboration

Cloud solutions make working remotely and collaborating on tasks much easier than before. Today, team members can share insights securely from anywhere throughout the world. Cloud-based solution providers have built platforms for collaboration where employees can discuss and share knowledge.

Engagement platforms are critical for motivation. Imagine a space where new product ideas or sale opportunities are shared freely. Imagine a feed similar to social media but within the organization. 

People can consult experts within the company even if they are in another country. It accelerates the speed at which new knowledge can be tapped into actionable ideas within the company. 

Quality control is much easier in a cloud environment. Team members working on a project together get to upload their edits to a project remotely, but everyone can view it. Past versions of the project are stored and can be referenced in case of need.

Better Recovery In Case of Disaster

When your organization’s system is down, the speed at which you can get things back up running matters a lot. Businesses that run on the cloud reporting faster disaster recovery speeds. It is also a more cost-effective process than traditional recovery.

When based on virtualization, cloud computing involves putting the operating system and applications into one software bundle. It can be backed up and run on a virtual host quickly in case of downtime. 

The need to transfer and reinstall operating systems and applications often slowed down recovery in the past. Independence from hardware reduces recovery time exponentially.

Get Your Business on the Cloud

Any business can reap the benefits of having their data and operations running offsite. It’s a best practice for businesses looking to scale efficiently. Cloud solutions will ensure the best use of IT human resources and protect the integrity of organizational data.

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